The lowers are made of steel and comes in chrome finish. Raw or parkerized finish availible on request too!

Fits 1949-77 tubes and internals.

Ready to run with bushings and oil seals installed!


Availible in STD, +2", +4", +6"

The additional length of the lowers does not affect the total fork length. With +6" lowers you should also install longer fork tubes.


What setup are you planning to run?

Stock wide glide trees and wheel axle or custom trees with a spool hub?

If you don't want to make the parts yourself you can order them.

Stock wide glide trees, wheel and axle?
Order the spacer kit for stock wheel axle 

K-model or Hamburger hub together with stock or custom trees?
Order the 17mm wheel axle kit and specify the center to center fork tube measurement

Spool hub with 3/4" bearings together with stock or custom trees
Order the 3/4" wheel axle and specify the width of your hub and the center to center fork tube measurent